Treating Animals Kindly

We have three guinea pigs: Waffles, which is my guinea pig [but she is still like everyone’s], Koko and Bella. Waffles has brown fur and is the oldest out of the three; she is now about four months old.  Koko has black fur and Bella has grey. They are both the same age, around one month old now.

We all treat Waffles, Koko and Bella with much respect and love. They are like family members to us. We give them a good area to run around in, food they find tasty, and lots of pats and love. In return, all we want is for them to be happy.

My point is, we should love all animals and not abuse and torture them in any way. We should treat them like we would treat someone else, instead of lesser than species with no feelings.

Guinea pigs, cows, sheep, pigs, birds, cats, dogs and many other animals all should be treated well. We have two dogs, Chinky and Stella. Although Stella is not exactly my dog, she is adored just as much as Chinky. We care for all of our animals and don’t have favorites.

Animals over the world, such as cows, are killed to be eaten. They are abused and tortured and are like slaves. People have no empathy for these poor animals that suffer for the benefit of them. Different kinds of animals also suffer by being used for tests. To having toxic chemicals into their body, to monkeys, for example, being stripped away from their mothers, it is all very wrong. We should prevent this, starting by respecting the animals we have. Animals don’t have any less emotional feelings than humans, so we should stop keeping them in agony. As an example, all the hunters out there and people who work in the meat industry should stop killing the poor animals. Or some people treat their pets terribly like locking their dog outside to freeze to death, giving it unhealthy food, and not giving it much attention. The people who treat their pets bad almost shouldn’t own them.

Now here are what people should be doing: loving all animals, stop killing them and becoming vegetarian, but even better, vegan. Even a small animal like a guinea pig should have the right to live happily. If we do that, everything will be happy and there will be no violence; the world will be a better place. We love animals and want everyone else to do the same kind deed. Just like with our pets: Stella, Chinky, Waffles, Koko and Bella, all animals should be loved!

This is written by our 11 yr old son, Phoenix.