The benefits of being nude – challenge yourself!

The warm sun, the fresh breeze on my bare skin, being barefoot on the ground, there is nothing more invigorating! Lying on a sun lounge fully nude and listening to the sound of birds and the breeze through the trees. It really is a simple pleasure in life, being close to nature. Living in a tropical climate makes it easy to get enough sun; ten minutes and you’ll be sure to get a tan. The only downside is the biting midges that like to hang around, mostly in the morning and evening. Living a short drive away from the beach is the best, but because of the mangroves these tiny mosquitos, like pest insects, thrive. They are a pretty major problem in this area and because of this, I find the best time of day to be nude is late in the morning. I try to be nude daily, or at least a few times a week, depending on weather, and get sun on my skin without any bikini lines…what a relief. Bikini lines are a nuisance!

I haven’t always been a nudist, but since I’ve learned about so many of its benefits, I know I am helping my body to stay healthier, younger and fitter by doing this simple activity. And for me, anything that will aid in ultimate health, longevity and vitality is something that I want to know about and add to my beauty regime!

For confidence

I’ve found that being in the nude at home is the best place to start to practise nude confidence, especially around a family or close group of friends whom you can trust, and who agree and support you. It builds self-esteem and confidence in your body more than anything else can. I have found that being nude also teaches others to be confident in their own skin. If you are confidently nude, then you are telling everyone else that it’s okay for them to be themselves, no matter how they look.

It’s a great thing to teach young children to be nude too, and that they see nudity as a natural part of life. It teaches them to love themselves and their bodies, and teaches them acceptance and self-esteem (self-esteem related issues can arise, especially through the teen years, if children are not accustomed to nudity at a young age).

Visiting nudist communities

When I first started out, there was a little bit of trepidation, especially when I visited nudist communities and being nude in front of others did feel awkward at first. I had both positive, but also uncomfortable, feelings in my experience visiting several of them. The positive ones were that with most of the members I felt comfortable and accepted; there was a feeling of freedom and openness that was hard to find anywhere else. At one larger community, I loved watching the families with young children feeling at home in the nude, splashing in the pool and looking as though they were having an absolute ball. To have been brought up in one of these communities as a child would have been a dream come true for me.

On the other hand, though, there was a ‘vibe’ coming mostly from single males in the community. They weren’t trying to make it too obvious, and it was mostly unspoken, but I felt it. I remember trying a local nudist club with a small group of people and most were male members. I felt a bit uncomfortable, like I was being stared at.

Vitamin D and the sun

As for the health aspects of nudity there are a few major points that are important to mention. One of them is vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that keeps our bones from becoming thin and brittle by absorbing calcium and promoting bone growth. It regulates the immune system, neuromuscular system and is also said to play a role in the life cycle of human cells. Research suggests that getting enough vitamin D can reduce risk of diseases such as cancer, depression, heart disease and weight gain.1

The body makes vitamin D when the skin is exposed to sunlight. The darker one’s skin is, the less absorption of vitamin D, so more sun exposure is needed to get enough vitamin D intake. It is said that 20-30 minutes of sun exposure three times a week if you have fair skin, and this is without sunscreen. 2 Also make sure you don’t shower directly after being in the sun because your skin is still creating vitamin D on the surface of the skin.

I have always stayed away from sunscreen because the ingredients that are added could be toxic. It always amazes me that it’s become so normal for society to use and accept products with chemicals that may pose a risk to health, from make-up to creams, to household products – there is nowhere to run and hide. I always look for natural alternatives when it comes to skin care and cleaning products, and at the moment I don’t really add anything to my skin to protect me from the sun. This is because putting sunscreen on would block vitamin D absorption. The way I see it is that when I’m out in the sun the whole point is for me to intake vitamin D, so why try to cover up my skin? It’s easy enough for me to know when the sun is becoming too harsh, when I start feeling like I’m burning. At that point if I still feel like staying outdoors, the rest of the time I spend in the shade. I find that the most natural and convenient way to get vitamin D into one’s system is to get enough sunlight on the skin, and what better way to do this than in your birthday suit!



Grounding or earthing

Walking outside barefoot comes with being a frequent nude. I always feel free and happy when I walk barefoot on the beach and in the garden, nothing beats it.

The earth’s surface has been found to be abundant in free electrons and has a negative potential, something which is essential for the immune system and all other organs of the body to stay healthy and function correctly.

It is said that Inflammation and chronic disease can be avoided by grounding to the earth because of this electron transfer. Grounding is said to reduce stress and inflammation, improve heart rate and circulation, balance the nervous system and improve sleep. Grounding to the earth also acts as an antioxidant, which slows down the ageing process. It also helps to discharge your body of EMF pollution and dirty electricity, which can be absorbed through our normal day-to-day life.

Our ancestors were accustomed to grounding as a natural way of life, but with our modern technological age we have adapted to many activities, which includes technological usage and other habits that do our health more harm than good. Our body absorbs electromagnetic frequencies from our environment which are not healthy for the body; this can even happen just by lying in bed at night or using electrical appliances. This type of ‘dirty electricity’ has been linked to an array of diseases, but thankfully it is said that grounding can help to counteract these effects. Could a lack of earthing be one of the reasons why society on the whole is getting sicker and sicker? 3&4

What better way to stay healthy and young by doing something that costs nothing, and is suggested only takes about 15 minutes (or more for optimum benefits) of simply being barefoot or, even better, nude outside.


Cleansing the aura

Our aura is said to be an energy field that radiates around our entire body and is said to contain information such as thoughts, emotions and our spirit. It is said that our aura can sometimes hold negative energies or blockages by the way we feel. If we feel anxious or stressed, this can affect the aura. It has also been said that negative events first appear in the aura before they happen, such as a health issue showing up in the aura about 6-8 months before it actually manifests. The aura around objects have been photographed through different technologies with recent inventions from Russia using cameras for healthcare by photographing the aura.6

I think it would be a fascinating experiment if scientists were able to photograph the aura before and after it has been in the sun without clothing. Would it show colour differences?


I intuitively feel that being a daily nude helps to cleanse my aura of negative energies. It is like a daily cleansing for the spirit. Wearing clothes can trap the aura and hold any negative energies that may be present; that’s why it’s a good idea to wear a change of clothes daily. Being nude would allow full expansion and expression of the aura so it can be cleansed and restored to its natural state. Salt water has a cleansing effect, so dipping into the ocean would also do wonders for cleansing the aura.

Freedom from labels

I believe society likes to use labels a lot; what we do for a living, our status in society (which is reinforced by the clothes we wear and our material possessions), our age, etc. Such information is commonly sought after and relied upon to sum up a person. But what if all these things didn’t matter? What if what was seen as most important was each individual’s connection to the divine; the higher power that created every person on this earth? I believe that not relying on labels allows for the expansion of a person both spiritually and mentally.

Another factor which comes into play is the Rosenthal Effect, where others’ perceptions can actually influence your actions by their expectations, ideas and perceptions. It can be very limiting for this reason to be around people who like to gossip or are judgemental by nature. So, for expanding and growing spiritually and mentally, it is also important to be around like-minded people who acknowledge the divinity in themselves and in others via their Rosenthal Effect.

Being a nude within a community of like-minded people you can trust makes it easy to get a sense of freedom by the way of less judgement. Members aren’t so focused on what a person does outside of the community, and not wearing any clothes helps to put everyone on an even keel.

Being nude daily has many benefits for health and anti-aging, to build confidence and self-esteem. It is also spiritually enhancing as we connect to the earth and sun in our most natural and simplest state of being, just the way the divine intended.

Challenge yourself – for beginners!

Being nude can be challenging for many people. Many factors can come into play such as lack of body confidence, lack of support from the people around you, or simply not having the right kind of environment to be able to be nude outdoors.

It is best to begin indoors, and bit by bit build up the confidence to be able to be nude with other like-minded people. Eventually, it may be a good idea to join a nudist community in your locality to gain the most confidence, and to meet new people that support the idea. Take the challenge and build your self-confidence. Come on, I know you can do it!